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Print Dialog

The Print Dialog


Select the output destination for the Reports to be generated.


PreviewSee preview on screen of the output. This allows the user to confirm the output on screen before printing it.
PrintPrinted to the printer
PDF FilePrinted in the form of a PDF file. By default the PDF files are generated on the DESKTOP. You must remove these from there to avoid over-crowding.

Sent as Email

dsMailSend Mail (using dsGST's own smtp client). The dsGST's smtp client can be used after completing the mail settings
OutlookSend Mail (using Outlook)

Export to other file-formats

  • HTML File
  • Excel File
  • CSV File
  • PDF File


Printer and Paper Size

Select printer and paper size. The default printer and its default paper size is pre-selected when you select printing.

Paper Orientation

  • Portrait
  • Landscape

dsGST even supports ½ page printing.

Selected Printing

Page Range

A number in FromStart printing from this page number
Blank in FromFrom beginning
A number in UptoPrint up to this page number
Blank in UptoUp to the end

Only Selected Rows

Check in this box, to print only the rows selected in the data table.

Other Options

Vertical Lines and Horizontal LinesCheck in this box will make the program print vertical and horizontal lines on the paper between the rows and columns.
Num 1st PageNum 1st Page (Number of First Page) is the Page number that will shown on the first printed page and sequentially increment from there for subsequent pages.
Credit LinePrints the credit line for this software in the footer.
Report DatePrints the date and time of printing the report in the footer.
Short HeadPrint a Short Page Header or the Full Page Header.
Short Header
Normal Header
On Ltr Hd and LtrHd MarginCheck this if you are On Ltr Hd (On Letter Head). The LtrHd Margin (Letter Head Margin) decides how much space is to be left on the top.