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User Master

Users or operators of dsGST

User Menu

  • Manage User to Add and Edit Users
  • Change Password where users can change their own passwords
  • User Permission to specify feature wise permissions

Create and Maintain

Admin Role Required

This option is available only to users who have the Admin role assigned to them.

User Entry

User Entry for is based on the Date Entry Interface.

To add user

  • Click Add New.
  • Fill in the UserId and Password.
  • Check the Roles for the user - multiple roles are permitted, and
  • Click Save complete.

Password is not displayed, so you are requested to fill the password once again in the confirm box so that you may be certain of what it.

To edit user

  • Select user to edit from the selector panel.
  • Click Edit.
  • Change the data as required, and
  • Click Save complete.

You may use the Mark User Off checkbox to temporarily disable or re-enable the user.

If a user forgets his/her password, the Admin user may assign a new password here.

Set User Permissions

A user can operate based on the permissions provided to him for each feature. Permission to make entries, update entries and view entries may be specified for each user and each feature.

Click here to see how these user permissions are set.