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Collection Groups

Wholesalers / Distributors generally group their parties based on their geographical location into Collection Group a.k.a. Category. This enables them to category-wise monitor the sales and collection status of parties and designate separate sales executives for different areas.

See Video - Manage Collection Groups

The terms Collection Groups and Category are used interchangably and refer to the same thing.

Create Collection Groups

To create a Collection Group you must provide the...

  • Name for the Category, and
  • Sales Executive for that group (optional).


Accounts in a Group


The Category can be marked for any Account at the time of creating or editing the Master Details of that Account.

To mark the multiple accounts to any Category the Mark Collection Group option can also be used.


Sale Executive of Group

The Sales Executive for the group can be created as an employee

Menu => Master => Company Representatives


The sales and outstanding particulars of a Category is available on the Android App Extension for dsGST

Sales and Outstandings Statements

See Menu Options...

Detailed bill with outstanding statement

Menu => Report => Sales => Outstanding Multi Year


dsGST maintains bill-wise outstanding for current fiscal plus two previous financial periods. Outstandings older that two previous periods must be handled through the opening balances in the accounting system.

Party wise summary of outstanding statement

Menu => Report => Sales => Outstanding Summary

Chart of Sales by Coll Group

Menu > Dashboards => Charts... Menu > Dashboards => Sales Performance

Filters available allow to compare sales of Collection Groups as a whole or of each party within a Collection Group