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Manage your cheque books

ChequeBook Menu

Receive Cheque Books

Menu => Master => Cheque Book => New Cheque Book

NewChq Book

  • Select the bank account for which the cheque book has been received from the bank.
  • Enter the numbers of the first and the last cheques.
  • Select the print layout (design) to be used to fill the cheques at the time of issue.

See Video - Add Cheque Book

If the design of the cheque is not already available in the list, you can create a new design and then mark it.

NewChq Book

The cheque design can also be marked later or even at the time of issue.


ChequeBook Menu

In dsGST, cheques may be issued from any one of the following four windows.

Payment / Payment By Bill

Menu => Transaction => Payment By Bill

Menu => Transaction => Payment On Ac

Issue Cheques

Menu => Transaction => Issue Cheques

Issue Blank Cheques

Menu => Transaction => Issue Multiple Blank

Covering Letters

Cheque Printing Designer

See Video - Cheque Designer