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User Permissions

Maintain users and their permissions for the different aspects of the different features.

Permissions Possible

The description here is generally applicable. The impact of any permission may vary in some specific cases.

AllFull permission for the feature. There will be no restrictions for the feature for which All is enabled. HideEnt and HideRep is always false if this is enabled.
AddAdd new entries
EditEdit the currently displayed entry
SDEditSame-Day-Edit allowes user to edit only entries of today.
LastEditLast-Edit allowes user to edit only the last entry in that transaction type.
CancelCancel an entry
DeletePermission to Delete an entry
ShowHides Report Totals if the user does not have this Show permission
PrintPrint the document for that entry, for e.g. Tax Invoice for Sales
DoneAllow the user to Mark Done for the selected feature.
UnDoneAllow the user to Mark UnDone (cancel the Done marking) for the selected feature.
RateEntAllow the user to name entries to the rates at time of Sale. Work only for Sale
HideEntEnable to hide all entry related forms of the feature. Works only if All is not enabled.
HideRepEnable to hide all reporting related options of the feature. Works only if All is not enabled.

See Vide - Define User Permissions

Add and Change Users

Specify Permissions for User

Check Permissions for a Feature