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dsGST - an ERP that simplifies business

dsGST is designed to handle the data required at the different stages of a business. It can be broadly classified into the following features.

Features of dsGST

OpgStockEntries and reports related to Opening Stocks
PurchaseEntries and reports related to Purchase
PurcRetnPurchase Return entries and related reports.
SalesSales entries and related reports
SaleRetnSales Return entries and related reports.
CreditNoteCredit Note entries and related reports
DebitNoteDebit Note entries and related reports
ConsumptionConsumption and Transfer entries and related reports.
RecpBillEntries and reports related to Receipts by Bills. For access Bill wise outstanding statements, permission is required for SaleOuts.
PaymBillEntries and reports related to Payments by Bills.
ReceiptReceipts on Ac related entries and statements
PaymentPayments on Ac related entries and statements
PurcOrdrGenerate Purchase Orders and related reports.
SaleOrdrWork with Sale Orders also known as Supply Orders
AccMastAll master entry forms and reports related to Account Heads their account groups and collection groups.
JournalFeature for Voucher Entries and replated reports
AccRepsAccounting Reports is a reporting feature with related entry screens
ChequeManagement of Cheque Books received from the bank.
ItemMastAll master entry forms and reports related to Items their manufacturers and groups.
ExpiryInEntries and reports relatd to the transaction type Expiry Inward.
ExpiryOutEntries and reports relatd to the transaction type Expiry Outward.
StkExpiryConnected to the transaction type Expiry from Stock and its related entries and reports.
OthrMastMasters other than those connected to Accounts and Items.
AppAllowTo enable AppAllow feature for a user. This is deprecated.
QuotationEntries and reports relatd to Quotation or Proforma Invoices.
ReconciliationRelated to carrying out Reconciliation activity.
LiasonEntries and reports relatd to maintenance of Liason work.
SaleOutsManaging receivable outstandings against sale transactions. This is just a reporting feature.

Trade Types

The Trade Types supported in dsGST are...

MedWhlMedical Wholesale - Enforces Batch Number + Expiry, tracks NRx and Schedules of items and works on primary schemes.
MedRetMedical Retail - Includes support Retail Packing (RPkg) for number of tablets / capsules per string and sale by number of tablets/capsules. Provision for Prescriber and Reg No of Prescriber, and uses MRP as the selling price.
FMCGWhlFMCG Wholesale - Supports Batch Number + Expiry and works on schemes.
FMCGRetFMCG Retail - to meet the data requirement of FMCG retailer.
InstSuppInstitutional Supplier - Additional information required for institutional billing.
ApplianceAppliances Dealer - Wholesale / Retail. Support for serial number of item and additional text information for each item.
ClothCloth Trader - Wholesale / Retail. Support for selling in pcs and in meter
GeneralGeneral Trader - All other type of businesses that do not need to store specific trade oriented data.