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Report Screen

The report generation interface is also uniformly used throughout dsGST.

Report Screen

This report screen typically have the...

  • Filter Area
  • Report Area, and
  • One or more Action Area

Report Screen

Filter Area

The Filter Area of the Report Screen is where you can select the criteria for you want the report. It could anything like...

  • Date Rate
  • Account Group
  • Particular Text
  • Collection Group etc


In the filter area you can activate a condition by putting a Check in the checkbox next to it, and by entering the value to search in the appropriate positions.

Report Area

The report area shows the data organized in columns and rows. If you choose to print the data is printed as it appears - string-formats, colors and column width.

Action Area

Action Area is where you see the buttons. Generate, Print and Close are on almost all Report Screens.

Some report screens may have more than one action panel.

Report Screen

Some that have options to let you send emails or whatsapp messages or others that let you make data entries.