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Data Entry Screen

Parts of the Data Entry screen


Most entry forms, in dsGST, use this user-interface (UI). for eg. Account Groups, Account Master, Manufactuers, Items To-Do Entry, etc.

Parts of the Screen

The parts of the data entry screen are...

The content, size and format of the parts of each different data entry screens may vary depending on the type of data they are designed to handle.


Selector Panel

The Selector Panel uses a list box to display the list of entries already available. Click or select the item whose details you would like to display in the Data Entry Panel

Filter Panel

The Filter Panel allows the user to control what is listed in the Selector Panel. The First, Previous, Next, Last buttons are also a way to select an entry in the Selector Panel.

Data Panel

The Data Panel is where the user enters his data. By default, this panel is disabled, ie. no changes in the data is allowed here until an action from the Action Panel is initiated.

Action Panel

The same screen is used to maintain data...

AddClears the data panel and enables it for a new entry. When Saved the data is save as a new record.
EditEnables data panel for existing entry. When Saved the existing data is replaced with the changed data
RepeatEnables data panel for new entry without clearing the existing data. When Saved a new record is created the changed data
DeleteDeletes the selected record, if it is deletable

The appropriate action buttons are enable and / or displayed depending on the permissions available to the user and the data integrity.